--- Comment #20 from Jonathan Druart <> 
(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #16)
> Hi Jonathan, 
> some thoughts:
> 1) sub _get_base_url doesn't look quite right yet.
> a) It hardcodes en. Ideally we should try to check for the existence of a
> translated manual and use that, with a fallback to en. If we can't do that,
> we'll maybe need to add a pref where you can add the lanugage codes to use.

I have added a patch to add a new pref KohaManualLanguage

> b) For the local manual URL you combine:
> C4::Context->preference('staffClientBaseURL') . $KohaManualBaseURL;
> I think it might be good to allow for a full URL in KohaManualBaseURL. That
> way you could have the help on the same server or at another location.

The concatenation is done only if the pref does not start with '/', so you can
use a value starting with 'http://'

> 2) If the permission doesn't work yet, I would not include it :)

Patch removed.

> 3) The manual layout doesn't work well in the small pop up. I wonder if
> there is a way to leave off the side navigation, but probably we can just
> make the window a bit wider.


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