--- Comment #60 from Victor Grousset/tuxayo <> ---
(In reply to M. Tompsett from comment #58)
> The function name is decimal_from_string. It's not intuitive to return false. 

It doesn't make sense to return false, removing it.

> Also, why do a is_decimal check in this function and the calling function?

Because I missed this when refactoring the legacy patch ^^ Thanks for catching
this :)

> Just do the assignment, and make sure the decimal_from_string returns what 
> was passed, if it isn't a decimal.

It doesn't touch the content when the input isn't a number.
I feared that there might cases where this could be confusing or annoying. (to
always unformat the field)
I wasn't confident enough that I wouldn't create edge cases issues.

But other opinions are welcome and I will change that if we consider safe to
always unformat the field.
After considering that this feature could be used on all decimal fields of

> placeholder="Example 5.00"

When the syspref equals "," to use the dots as thousand separators.
Then this placeholder or tip wouldn't make sense.

Has everything be addressed?

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