--- Comment #2 from Barton Chittenden <> ---
(In reply to Lee Jamison from comment #1)
> Barton, have a suggestion on how it should be re-written?

In terms of documenting the '-m' option:

I would change the GetOptions call from

     'm|mail:i'          => \$mail,


     'm|messageque:i'    => \$mail,
     'mail:i'            => sub { 
                                $mail = shift;
                                warn "Option '--mail' is deprecated. "
                                     . "use --messagequeue instead";

There may be better ways of handling the deprecated options, I welcome feedback
from QA.

Then the actual message should be something like this:

'-m --messagequeue DAYS: Delete rows from message queue after DAYS days.'
'--mail DAYS: (Deprecated) Delete rows from message_queue after DAYS days. This
option is deprecated and will issue a warning if used. Use --messagequeue DAYS

In terms of re-writing the usage() function to use pod2usage, take a look at
misc/cronjobs/, it covers several common ways to call pod2usage.

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