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> > > Bug 20310: Introduce Koha::Biblio->host_record
> > > 
> > > Shouldn't this also check that the 003 fields match? AFAIUI, 001+003 is
> > > unique, 001 is not guaranteed to be - because you could import data from
> > > different organization.
> > 
> > Added a check with pref MARCOrgCode
> But if you import data from another org then the orgcode (field 003) for
> those records won't be your org, but something else. You should match the
> 773$w orgcode to the host biblio 003

Hi paxed,
I understand your point. But I am not so sure if we do these checks somewhere
in Koha. In my proposal I ignore (Remote)x and only look at z or (My)z.
If record z from (My)z is found, I do not check if 001==z and 003==My.
Similarly, if record x from (Remote)x would be in our system (which I don't
know) we also don't know if 001==x and 003==Remote.
Practical question would be too: Do we really want to check all 773 contents
and pull all 001, 003s?

Since this logic is all about record control number handling in Koha and imo
outside the scope of this report, we c/should move further refinements to a new
report. But I have doubts about what we should check. This is a discussion on
its own..

Thx for your feedback though.

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