--- Comment #26 from Jonathan Druart <> 
I tested this one (when reviewing bug 18316).
We can have inconsistency when using the UI:
- Add acqdate to authority
- Add weight to acqdate for biblio
- Save
- Remove it for biblio
- Save

=> weight is still set in DB but not displayed on the UI

It's not that important, because not used. But if we continue that way we are
going to have a lot of inconsistencies.

I built this interface (bug 14899, 2.5 years ago) as an example. Now we are
going to add lot of information and maybe we should rethink the interface.

I can easily imagine somebody spending 2 hours switching from 1 tab to another
and modifying everything, then finally save, and... everything is lost because
an error occurred.

It seems obvious that the search fields form should be a separate page to force
a save before modifying the mappings.
Maybe better would be to save via AJAX when the tab is changed (or force the
user to save), and refresh the new tab to have updated info.
The "add" and "delete" buttons could also send AJAX requests.

I do not think it will be blocker for 18.05, but keep this comment in mind if
you plan to add more and more stuffs to this view.

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