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--- Comment #4 from Magnus Enger <> ---
This hints at a bug in the SIP2 implementation in Koha. In the SIP2 standard
that Katrin references in Comment 1, "language" is listed as a "3-char, fixed
length required field". The contents of this field should be the 3-digit
language codes that Katrin lists. 

As fas as I can tell, Koha uses the contents of the borrowers.lang database
field for the language, using 000 if the field is not set:;a=blob;f=C4/SIP/ILS/;h=23c576493fbc6214905efd1297225057a80c537a;hb=HEAD#l252

If a language code like nb-NO is used for the language in SIP2 the language
info will have both the wrong length and the wrong format. 

As far as I can tell, we should have a mapping somewhere from the codes we use
in borrowers.lang to the 3-digit codes required by SIP2. 

Not sure if it makes sense to fix this as part of the present bug or if it
should be a separate bug.

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