--- Comment #10 from Ray Delahunty <> ---
We have a test system at 17.11.04 and are investigating whether this problem /
dilemma can be solved with the code, which I understand will solve the problem
in this bug and the one in 20360 (and which is a candidate for 18.05) can
possibly be added to our 17.11 version. 
We have a workaround where we disabled AUTO_RENEWALS notices and use ODUE to
notify of auto-renewal failure, and RENEWALS to notify of auto-renewal success.
We are today undoing this workaround and if the code can work in 17.11 we plan
to address Katrin’s concerns expressed above by a mix of changes to ‘No renewal
after’, ‘No renewal before’, choice of time for the auto-renewal job to run,
and generous use of a grace period. These Circulation & Fine Rules changes do
not solve every problem, but if they work, they will offer some improvement. If
the code does not work, I think we may have to reinstate the workaround, and
wait for Koha 18.05.

Test plan.
We set ‘No automatic renewal before’ to 2 days. We set ‘No automatic renewal
after’ to 1 day. We set the time of the auto-renewal job to 7am. We set the
RenewalBasePeriod to “old due date”. We set the Grace Period to 3 days.
Assuming the new code solves both this bug and the one in 20360, this is what
we would expect: 

Situation 1. 
Item is reserved / on hold and due date on Thursday. Auto-renewal job runs at
7am Wednesday, and AUTO_RENEWAL notice is sent advising of renewal failure.
User has two remaining loan days and the three grace period days before fines
start. If the reservation / hold is cancelled after the job has run or is
fulfilled by another copy after 7am on Wednesday but before 7am Thursday, the
second run of the auto-renewal job will result in the item being renewed, with
the new date based on the old date (so the early renewal does not affect the
loan period).

Situation 2.
Item is not reserved / on hold or otherwise blocked from renewal (say, due to
max renewals count being reached) and it is due on Thursday. Auto-renewal job
runs at 7am Wednesday, and AUTO_RENEWAL notice is sent advising of renewal
success, with the new due date based on the old date. The early renewal does
not badly affect the current holder- other than appearing to be an ‘early
renewal’. But it does mean that if someone else places a reservation / hold on
the title on the Wednesday or Thursday they will have a long wait than if the
renewal were close to the original due date. 

We can play about with the settings in Circulation & Fine Rules to get the
“best possible outcome” of minimal affect for maximum users (maybe set the ‘No
Auto renewal before’ back to 3 days?) but whatever we do, it won’t be perfect
as there are potentially problems with whatever settings we choose.

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