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--- Comment #170 from Tomás Cohen Arazi <> ---
I will take on this one on monday.

I see some usability issues, specially when adding/removing

Guarantee context
- 'Search' should be 'fa-plus Add' for adding a guarantor.
- There's no way to remove a guarantor
- A guarantor can be added multiple times to the same guarantee (is that a
- There's no way to set the relationship
- Labels seem to be wrong: 'Organization #' and 'Organization name'

Guarantor context
- I still find it confusing that 'Add child' only shows for 'adult' categories,
so 'board' cannot have a guarantee? This is something already in Koha, not this
bug's responsibility. but worth mentioning.
- Shouldn't we rename 'Add child' into 'Add guarantee'? I know this bug is just
about changing a 1-1 relationship into 1-n, but worth considering, even as a
follow-up bug. Related to the previous comment.
- 'Cancel' should just be 'Delete', as it shows for already existing relations,
not just the ones being added (a change that can be cancelled). Maybe have
'Delete' for the current relations, and 'cancel/delete' for the ones being

General code review
- Most of it follows the guidelines, even if it is old code already. It has got
attention and several follow-ups have adjusted it forward, which is great.
- I expected to find Koha::Patron->guarantees and Koha::Patron->guarantors. I
read the discussion and know it is because they are not always proper Koha
patrons, but just some metadata about them [1]. It still smells.
- In line with recent community agreements, (after this patches have been
written) we should try to make this guarantors/guarantees related objects
prefetchable. Not difficult to do, just need to take care of naming the
relations correctly to follow the guidelines.

Out of the scope of this bug
- Lets move out of sysprefs for the relations! Have a full CRUD for those, and
a internationalization layer!
- [1] Can't we think of 'virtual' patrons? so patrons get created, but just not
considered proper patrons that can circulate, etc. Food for thought, but it
would allow us to add nice search forms to discover relations, etc.

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