--- Comment #61 from Marcel de Rooy <> ---
This is a quite fundamental one:

UPDATE accountlines SET debit_type_code = accounttype, accounttype = NULL WHERE
accounttype IN (SELECT code from account_debit_types)

Hmm. I do not really like this at first glance (and second too ;). I would
prefer one account type and not a separate debit code. If I would be scrolling
through account lines, I think it is weird to have to look at two columns to
determine the type of this transaction.
But might understand this choice from the perspective to keep this patch set a
bit smaller and narrow it down to the old MANUAL_INV stuff.

So, my problem actually goes a bit beyond this report too and is also about the
design of accounts. We should have added an accounts type table in the first
place. Now we are doing it for a subset of our account types. And I am
wondering if this step will bring us closer to that goal of integrating these
types or will just hinder us along the way. I am inclined to think that we
should not separate the two now.
And I understand that this creates new problems. The account types would be
partially controlled by the debit codes list. So we could not (yet) put a FK on
it. But it might be a better starting point for controlling the other account

Since this is an important design choice, I would suggest to discuss this on
the dev list or within the QA team, or dev meeting? We need some more consensus
on that decision.

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