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Bug 8132: Adding a new message 'last_item_for_hold' blocking item deletion

If an item is the last one of a biblio that have biblio-level hold
placed on it, we should block the deletion.
It takes effect if the hold is found (W or T), to follow existing
behavior for item-level holds.
If we want to block deletion for any holds we should deal with it on a
separate bug report.

Test plan:
0/ Setup
Create Biblio B1 with 1 item
Create Biblio B2 with 2 items
Create Biblio B3 with 1+ item
Create Biblio B4 with 1+ item
Place a biblio-level hold on B1 and B2
Place an item-level hold on B3
Confirm the holds (to mark them waiting)

1/ Use the 5 items and delete them in a batch.
=> delete of item from B1 is blocked on first screen
=> delete of items from B2 is *not* blocked on first screen
=> delete of item from B3 is blocked on first screen
=> delete of item from B4 is *not* blocked

Note that you can only select items from B2 and B4

2/ Select them and confirm the deletion
=> Nothing happened and you get a message saying that one of the 2 items
from B2 is blocking the whole deletion process

3/ Remove the biblio-level hold
4/ Repeat 1
=> The deletion has been effective!

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