--- Comment #12 from Emmi Takkinen <> ---
> I'm new to this signing off thing and may have overstepped what is expected 
> of me.

Not at all and I'm sorry if my answer made you feel that way. Just wanted to
make sure if I understood last part of your comment correctly :) Your comment
was totally valid and in my opinion it pointed out possible need for
enhancement. I say "in my opinion" since I have no idea if this edit is
intended to affect only single days or not and should it be fixed.          

To make it clear, this patch just adds functionality to copy edits and deletes
to all branches at once just the way holidays can be copied to all branches
when they are created. So if the changes that are made for single branch are
copied to every other branch this patch works as it's intended.  

I'm still unable to repeat problem with delete as in Katrins screenshot. I
added and copied holidays on a range, then deleted them on a range and copied
change to all libraries. Delete worked without problem also for the single,
weekly, yearly and exception holidays. So Katrin, I have no idea why it's not
working you :/

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