--- Comment #10 from David Nind <> ---
(In reply to Jon Knight from comment #8)
> Tried to test this on the Bywater Solutions sandboxes but despite it
> appearing to apply the patch I can't see any NLM output in the Normal view
> on cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/ after making a new dummy MARC record and
> adding a 060 field. This is even though can see LOC and DDC output (050 and
> 082) in the same output.

Hi Jon.

That would be because the patch wasn't actually applied.

The way to tell it hasn't applied in ByWater's sandboxes:

1) Go to Logs > Koha Git log. The commit for the patch(es) with the bug number
you are testing should show at the top of the page, e.g. Bug 24322:

2) Create a sandbox without putting a bug number in the 'Bug number' field. You
will then get the current master branch for Koha. Then go to Actions > Apply
patches. It will then show you what it has done and that the patch failed.

Have to admit that it's not very obvious to identify that the patch didn't


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