--- Comment #42 from Martin Renvoize <> ---
OK.. this issue here is that the js code in bug 24455 does not distinguish
between the perfectly valid 'full-date' and 'date-time' resolutions of RFC3339.

Both are valid formats, but one includes a time offset whilst the other does
not.  The 'full-date' option does not include time resolution and as such also
does not include an offset.  When moment parses this, it 'upgrades' the
internal representation from full-date (2020-03-25) to date-time
(2020-03-25T00:00:00+00:00) internally.. When you then apply a timezone to that
(say +0300 for Argentina I believe), we end up with an internal date of
2020-03-24T21:00:00-03:00.. spot the day change.. formating this back down to
just 'date' will loose the day.

Hope that makes sense.. so.. what we need to do is detect if we're parsing a
date-time vs a full-date and only apply timezone maths to the former

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