Martin Renvoize <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
  Text to go in the|This enhancement allows     |This enhancement allows
      release notes|libraries to set the option |libraries to set the option
                   |to calculate fines upon a   |to calculate fines upon a
                   |backdated return distinctly |backdated return distinctly
                   |from the broader option to  |from the broader option to
                   |always recalculate fines on |always recalculate fines on
                   |return option.
             |return option.
                   |**New                       |**New
                   |system preference**:        |system preference**:
                   |`CalculateFinesOnBackdate`  |`CalculateFinesOnBackdate`
                   |defaults to enabled.        |defaults to enabled on new
                   |                            |installations or the value
                   |                            |of `CalucalteFinesOnReturn`
                   |                            |during upgrades.

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