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3.2.0 release candidate
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Alex Arnaud (3):
      (MT #3651) Fills "book fund" combobox with bugdets and fix some bugs of 
research by filter.
      (MT #3651) Fix problems on search filters.
      (BUG #4804) fix following bug: in, Click on minus sign 
in a item part don't decrements quantity.

Andrew Chilton (1):
      bug 5007: fixing the syspref for IntranetBiblioDefaultView

Chris Cormack (41):
      Bug 4139 - Adding some indexes to deal with a performance issue with 
overdue reports
      Bug 2505: Quieting warns in acqui/
      wr72054 fixing the z3950 search for acquisitions
      Fix typo in z3950 search in acquisitions
      Language updates from pootle
      Updating german prefs
      Language updates from pootle
      Lots of opac .po file updates
      Intranet .po updates
      Amharic; Ethiopian updates getting ready for 3.2
      Removing spam from albanian
      Removing spam from Amharic
      Updates and spam removal
      Spam removal
      More spam tidy ups
      More spam removal
      Greek and NZ english updates
      Greek and NZ updates
      Continuing updates for 3.2
      Finished the en-NZ system preferences
      English intranet updates
      Tidying up and english nz updates
      Preference updates
      Updating files for 3.2
      Danish and NZ english updates
      Language updates for intranet
      German, English NZ, and Romanian updates
      English NZ and Portuguese updates
      Finished EN-NZ
      Lots of lanugage updates
      More language updates
      Language updates
      Fix for syntax error in the spanish opac file
      Updating history doc
      Missed adding the beta release
      Fixing C4::Boolean tests, in August 2009 we changed the die to a warn, 
tests didn't reflect this. Now we should have 100% of C4::Boolean
      Fixing the VirtualShelves test
      Shifting the tests that need user input to their own directory, they cant 
be used by the automated tester
      Removing outdated note about z3950search in the help file, no longer 
      Fixing non placeholder sql in UpdateGuarantees
      Updated spanish files

Chris Nighswonger (13):
      Bug 3756: Adding the ability to have localuse systempreferences
      Bug 5215 - Barcode field not cleared when using "Add and Duplicate" 
option on
      Bug 5182 - Attempting to export a patron card with no text causes an 
error to be thrown
      Bug 5183 Incorrect hash dereferencing syntax causes an error to be thrown 
when attempting to export patron cards
      Bug 5203 - Creating a label template causes fatal error if description 
field is empty
      Bug 5247 - Text does not wrap properly on labels
      Bug 5249 - Guide boxes do not print when selected for a layout
      Bug 4867 - cannot clone subfields in marc editor, other clone/unclone 
      Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the 
labels/patron card tests
      Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the 
labels/patron card tests
      Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the 
labels/patron card tests
      Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the 
labels/patron card tests
      Bug 5284 - Generic report covering various problems with the 
labels/patron card tests

Colin Campbell (13):
      Bug 4911 Remove duplicated code
      Bug 5011 install debian graphicsmagick not imagemagick
      Bug 5021 Formatting of undefined serials dates
      Bug 5023 Remove unused Serials Modules
      Bug 5205 Fix compile time warnings in tools/
      Bug 4310 Map orders to new budget structure
      Bug 5191 Patron notification was being reset to none
      Bug 2664: Add item should preselect logged in branch
      Fix compile time warning in
      bug_5245 Fix SQL syntax in GetItems
      Bug 5160 Stop words should be stop words not strings
      Bug 5047 html option not in -help output
      Bug 5032 Remove duplicate code

Eric Olsen (3):
      Bug 5200 - ubuntu.packages file installs CVS Removed 'install cvs' line 
from ubuntu.packages
      Bug 5207 - Details on editing SAX Parser ini file.
      Bug 5217 : package/CPAN updates for Ubuntu Lucid install

Frédéric Demians (9):
      Bug 4188 Allow acq basket group printing into PDF
      Bug 4188 Valid PDF file name when printing basket group with no name
      Bug 3756 Difference between original and local sysprefs
      Bug 3756 Don't display as local AutoSelfCheckID syspref and others
      Bug 4305 Get Amazon book covers for ISBN13
      Bug 5201 Patron surname dropped
      Avoid to add a warning in log
      Bug 3630 Impossible to perform Scan Indexes search
      Bug 4472 Fix how   are injected into XSL files

Galen Charlton (49):
      remove old revision history notes from a couple files
      replace references to defunct info email address
      bug 2434: assign to DBrev 141
      remove byte order mark (BOM) from installer SQL files
      bug 2434: set DBrev to 142
      remove extraneous warns
      bug 4188: move PDF templates for printed purchase orders
      bug 4188: add note about hiding the OrderPdfTemplate syspref
      remove a bunch of unconditional debug warns
      add EUC-KR to list of support Z39.50 character encodings
      bug 4422: add AR (article) format icon to staff interface
      bug 3916: set final "no change" dropdwon in batch item modification
      bug 3916: set another "no change" dropdwon in batch item modification
      bug 4808: allow limited-permission circ operators to print receipts
      bug 3902: item class source can now be set during serials receiving
      bug 4139: set DBrev to 143
      bug 4989: set DB rev to 145
      Merge branch 'origin/new/bug3756_reenable_local_sysprefs' of 
git:// into to-push
      Merge branch 'translation' of git:// into 
      Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5182' into to-push
      Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5183' into to-push
      bug 4084: remove \r from header line for sake of consistency
      Merge branch 'translation' of git:// into 
      Revert "Bug 5081 - let the ISBN be saved on new manual orders"
      Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5203' into master
      Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5249' into to-push
      Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5247' into to-push
      Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5215' into master
      bug 5086: fix setting claim date
      use Test::More for t/Koha.t
      fix typo in INSTALL.debian
      Merge branch 'test_cases' of /home/koha/koha1/dev into to-push
      fix test plan for SQLHelper.t
      fix test plan and false test errors in Search.t
      removed AddToShelfFromBiblio from C4::VirtualShelves
      various improvements to t/db_dependent/VirtualShelves.t
      fix typo/thinko in list test
      cleanup of DB-dependent fund test cases
      more test case fixes
      fix invalid invocation of GetBranches in test case
      Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5284' into master
      Merge remote branch 'koha-fbc/k_bug_5284' into master
      Merge branch 'translation' of git:// into 
      bug 4472: in a hackish fashion, quiet warnings about DOCTYPE in the XSLT
      add explicit type to <input> elements missing it
      further correction to the invocation of unzip
      translator hack to avoid failure on opac-opensearch.tmpl
      defer rotating collections
      mark 3.2.0 release candidate - DBrev

Garry Collum (1):
      Bug 2725: Fixes uppercasesurnames preference.

Henri-Damien LAURENT (5):
      Update 3.0 to 3.2 budgets
      (bug #4954) allow date expiry modification only on step 0 and 3
      UNIMARC coded field search : No results
      error 500 when record cannot be loaded
      newordersuggestion would not filter by status

Ian Walls (7):
      Fixes Bug 4978: claims undefined subroutine ModItem
      Bugfix 3419: fixes typo in inequality.
      Fixes bug 5231: bad call to GetAuthType in BiblioAddAuthorities()
      Update VOKAL icon set
      fixes bug 4385
      Followup to Bug 4305: multiple ISBNS in biblioitems.isbn breaks patron
      Tighten system call to unzip

      Fix for bug 4928, problematic 78x display in OPAC
      bug 4422: Show article icon with DisplayOPACiconsXSLT

Jared Camins-Esakov (1):
      Fix Bug 5261 broken link in Local Use sysprefs

Katrin Fischer (11):
      Correct typo in German sample news
      Bug 4915: Remove renewalsallowed from sample_itemtypes.sql
      Bug 4854: Show same subfields for 245 and 880$6245
      Bug 5194 - Patron notification on new issues not working
      Add 3 more links to Ohloh to about page
      Bug 5187: Show place of publication (MARC21, 260$c), XSLT
      Bug: 4904: Problem with printing fines in overdue notices
      Bug 5090: New order from empty record does not save publication year and 
      Bug 5092: No results when searching by LC Call Number: in Z39.50 Server
      Bug 5089: Add German translation of borrowerRelationship and 
BorrowersTitles values
      Bug 5013: Advanced patron search category pull down broken

Marcel de Rooy (1):
      Bug 5264 (Retain additional bibliographic subfields when merging 
authorities) [for master only]

      (bug #3772) show place hold button in isbd view
      (bug 4989) add index on guarantorid
      (bug #4084) fix offline circ

Nicole Engard (3):
      bug 2434 remove upcoming events for all languages
      bug 2434 followup patch to remove EVENT from message_transports
      Update VOKAL icon set

Owen Leonard (24):
      Fix for Bug 4909 - extra > in path on contracts pages
      Fix for Bug 3372 - OPAC Reading History sorting breaks limit
      Fix for Bug 3683 - 'Sort by' column in list interface is not translatable
      Fix for Bug 4932, Serial Enumeration / chronology not populated on receive
      Fix for Bug 4934 - Image missing for linked subfields in MARC display
      Fix for Bug 4484, Rss tag is not escaped in search result
      Fix for Bug 5013 "New patron" menu button broken on patron select screen
      Markup corrections
      Minor markup correction to send Cart form
      Fix for Bug 4999, OPAC error pages have incorrect markup structure
      Correcting URL typo in link back to labels home page
      Follow-up fix for Bug 5013, "New patron" menu button broken
      Fix for Bug 4996 - Untranslatable strings in budget/fund toolbar
      Fix for Bug 5222 - 600 t not showing with xslt on
      Fix for Bug 5265, error message on lists is misleading
      Fix for Bug 5101, Creators tab isn't highlighted when selected
      Fix for Bug 4922 - Item display tries to show serial info for titles with 
series tags
      Fix for Bug 4849 - Cannot delete records from Labeled MARC view
      Fix for Bug 2947, value_builder scripts using authnotrequired
      Fix for Bug 5093 - JavaScript error in IE8 when choosing authority record
      Fix for Bug 5156 - JavaScript error when adding list
      Fix for Bug 5100, Incorrect link to System Preferences
      Fix for Bug 2377 - Review tags: format date according to system preference
      Another fix for Bug 2704, 440 Display Issues

Ricardo Dias Marques (1):
      Fix for Bug 5116 – Duplicate and missing entries in 

Robin Sheat (10):
      bug4926 - Improves the ID fields when sending lists and carts
      bug4929 - amended the instructions
      bug 4952 - make the koha-remove script stop zebra for the instance
      bug 4953 - make the debian package copy in YUI images
      Bug 5034 - update the maintainer details, correctly
      Bug 5046 - fix the zebra authorities configuration
      Bug 5081 - let the ISBN be saved on new manual orders
      Bug 5077 - ensure rebuild_zebra will run somewhere it can read
      Bug 5139 - packages now do email and other cron jobs
      Bug 5054 - allow the resulting .deb location to be specified


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