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 tagged by  Nick Clemens
        on  Thu Feb 22 11:09:15 2018 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Koha release 17.11.03
Version: GnuPG v1


Aleisha Amohia (2):
      Bug 20068: Check if user logged in before passing dashboard params to 
      Bug 19230: Preventing warn when deleting course

Alex Arnaud (2):
      Bug 4319: [OPAC] Allow holds on waiting/transit items
      Bug 4319: (QA follow-up) Rename hasItemswaitingOrInTransit to 

Grace Smyth (1):
      Bug 19986: 'Server name' doesn't appear as required

Indranil Das Gupta (L2C2 Technologies) (1):
      Bug 20054: Remove attribute "text/css" for <style> element in OPAC

Jon Knight (2):
      Bug 13990: ILS-DI LookupPatron requires ID Type
      Bug 10032: Improve GUI when uncertain price prevents closing the basket

Jonathan Druart (11):
      Bug 18477: Add tests
      Bug 19985: Make TestBuilder.t pass even if default_circ_rules is not empty
      Bug 19705: Try to fix random failures from DecreaseLoanHighHolds.t
      Revert "Bug 19669: (QA follow-up) Remove itemstypes.plugin"
      Bug 19975: Fix search by tags at the OPAC
      Bug 19230: (follow-up) Preventing warn when deleting course
      Bug 11827: (follow-up) Use double quote instead of simple-quote
      Bug 19928: Mock delimiter pref in tests
      Bug 19671: Map itemtypes to hash for correct display in
      Bug 18975: Retrieve up-to-date CGISESSID when just logged in
      Bug 19978: Fix ITEMTYPECAT behaviour

Josef Moravec (1):
      Bug 20003: Fix showing number of remaining checkouts during checking in

Julian Maurice (1):
      Bug 19730: (follow-up bug 17196) Use biblio_metadata.timestamp in

Koha translators (1):
      Translation updates for Koha 17.11.03

Kyle M Hall (4):
      Bug 18477: Populate article_requests table values for AR_PENDING notices
      Bug 19750: Overdues without a fine rule add warnings to log
      Bug 19530: Prevent multiple transfers from existing for one item
      Bug 19530: Don't update the date arrived for closed transfers

Liz Rea (1):
      Bug 20041: ILL module missing from more menu in staff when activated

Marcel de Rooy (9):
      Bug 20056: Resolve uninitialized warn in
      Bug 20088: Fix uninitialized warning from svc/holds
      Bug 20126: (follow-up bug 10455) Restore MARC field length calculation in 
      Bug 20126: Add simple test for ModBiblioMarc
      Bug 20031: CGI param in list context warn in
      Bug 20060: Resolve uninitialized warn from 
      Bug 4319: (QA follow-up) Consistency in IsAvailableForItemLevelRequest
      Bug 4319: (QA follow-up) Use ReservableItems in all scripts
      Bug 20227: Check for categorycode in default_borrower_circ_rules

Mark Tompsett (5):
      Bug 13990: (follow-up) fix various whitespace errors
      Bug 13990: (QA follow-up) Add unit test coverage
      Bug 13990: (follow-up) silence warnings on testing
      Bug 12932: Check the Perl version even if all modules installed
      Bug 19530: Added commentary for last test when prove -v

Mirko Tietgen (2):
      Bug 20072: Fix build-git-snapshot for Debian source format quilt
      Bug 17108 - Automatic debian/control updates (stable)

Nick Clemens (6):
      Bug 20003: (QA follow-up) use patron checkouts method instead of 
      Bug 20091: Moved FailedLoginAttempts out of Norwegian Patron Database 
      Bug 18497: Use report id to retrieve saved SQL instead of passing param
      Bug 18497: (follow-up) Chomp newlines in BLOCK
      Increment version for 17.11.03 release
      Update release notes for 17.11.03 release

Owen Leonard (4):
      Bug 20051: Invalid markup in staff client's
      Bug 20156: Display a markup for the current language in header menu
      Bug 10032: (follow-up) Move title attribute to button container
      Bug 20135: Prevent staff client language choose pop-up from appearing 

Pasi Kallinen (5):
      Bug 11827: Make "Cancel Rating" translatable in jQuery rating plugin
      Bug 20109: Make "Remove" translatable when adding a fund
      Bug 20110: Adding same user multiple times to same budget
      Bug 20124: Make "Save configuration" translatable on "did you mean?" 
      Bug 20166: Untranslatable course reserves delete prompt

Tomas Cohen Arazi (1):
      Bug 20134: Remove /api/v1/ from the generated URLs

Victor Grousset (2):
      Bug 20098: Inventory tool: CVS export: fix itemlost column
      Bug 19928: Acquisitions' CSV exports now honors syspref "delimiter"

Zoe Bennett (1):
      Bug 19827: Removing &checkuniquemember from the export in C4/


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