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 tagged by  Fridolin Somers
        on  Fri Feb 23 10:33:05 2018 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Koha release 17.05.09
Version: GnuPG v1


Aleisha Amohia (5):
      Bug 19429: Add confirm message when deleting invoice from invoice search 
      Bug 19401: Add confirm message when deleting invoice
      Bug 18915: Fix checkout note email message
      Bug 18915: Giving CHECKOUT_NOTE access to issues table
      Bug 18915: Renaming svc/patron_notes to svc/checkout_notes

Alex Arnaud (2):
      Bug 19443: Wrong HTML in patron creation page (members/
      Bug 19443: Remove duplicate message when editing existing patron

Charlotte Cordwell (2):
      Bug 17682: Change URL for Google Scholar in OPACSearchForTitleIn
      Bug 17682: (follow-up) Change URL for Google Scholar in 

David Bourgault (1):
      Bug 19422: Missing DROP TABLES in kohastructure.sql

Fridolin Somers (6):
      Bug 18915: DBRev
      Bug 17682: DBRev
      Revert "Bug 19669: (QA follow-up) Remove itemstypes.plugin"
      Bug 19847: (17.05.x follow-up) rebase error on C4::Biblio::GetMarcBiblio
      Increment version for 17.05.09 release
      Update release notes for 17.05.09 release

Grace Smyth (2):
      Bug 19987: If no z39.50/SRU servers the button should not show
      Bug 19839: Removed Warning ( - uncertainprices)

Jesse Weaver (1):
      Bug 18417: Advanced Editor (Rancor) add shortcuts for copyright symbols 
(C) (P)

Jonathan Druart (17):
      Bug 19429: Rename .delete to .delete_invoice
      Bug 19560: Correctly escape branchcode in admin/
      Bug 19914: Add an id to the Delete button on the library list view
      Bug 19921: Fix update child when only one adult patron category exist
      Bug 19911: Do not escape html characters when saving passwords
      Bug 19911: Escape password value during self-registration confirmation
      Bug 18915: Add CHECKOUT_NOTE notice template for other languages
      Bug 19973: Fix SQL syntax error in uk-UA/mandatory/sample_notices.sql
      Bug 19968: Add missing use Date::Calc statement
      Bug 19422: Make sure it will never happen again
      Bug 17682: Replace 2 occurrences in de-DE and nb-NO
      Bug 15770: Do not format numbers if too big
      Bug 19455: Prevent SwitchOnSiteCheckouts.t to fail randomly
      Bug 19705: Try to fix random failures from DecreaseLoanHighHolds.t
      Bug 18477: Add tests
      Bug 19985: Make TestBuilder.t pass even if default_circ_rules is not empty
      Bug 19975: Fix search by tags at the OPAC

Josef Moravec (1):
      Bug 19825: Make links to biblios on pending offline circulation page 
working again

Julian Maurice (2):
      Bug 19977: Open only .pref files in Local Use tab (sysprefs)
      Bug 19730: (follow-up bug 17196) Use biblio_metadata.timestamp in

Koha translators (1):
      Translation updates for Koha 17.05.09

Kyle M Hall (1):
      Bug 18477: Populate article_requests table values for AR_PENDING notices

Marcel de Rooy (3):
      Bug 18915: (QA follow-up) Add note for installs after 17.05
      Bug 20126: (follow-up bug 10455) Restore MARC field length calculation in 
      Bug 20126: Add simple test for ModBiblioMarc

Mark Tompsett (1):
      Bug 19937: Silence warnings t/db_dependent/www/batch.t

Mirko Tietgen (5):
      Bug 18696: Change debian/source/format to quilt
      d/control 17.05.08
      Bug 20042: 00-load.t fails when Elasticsearch is not installed
      Bug 19783: Move check_kohastructure.t to db_dependent
      Bug 20072 - Fix build-git-snapshot for Debian source format quilt

Nick Clemens (8):
      Bug 18417: (follow-up) Document new shortcuts in dropdown
      Bug 19559: Add tests
      Bug 19559: Add '-' to list of characters we don't split search terms on
      Bug 19580: Unit tests
      Bug 19580: Exclude period as splitting character for autotrunction
      Bug 19677: Properly escape enumchrom/serialseq data
      Bug 16603: (QA follow-up) Add a FIXME
      Bug 19596: Don't try to get hold or items count for non-existent biblios

Olivier Crouzet (1):
      Bug 19971: Typo in the comments of parseQuery routine

Olli-Antti Kivilahti (1):
      Bug 19483: Fix test plan in t/db_dependent/www/*

Owen Leonard (1):
      Bug 16603: When processing uploaded offline circulation file, "apply 
directly" option fails

Te Rauhina Jackson (1):
      Bug 19221: Onboarding tool says user needs to be made superlibrarian


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