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 tagged by  Liz Rea
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Koha release 18.05.14

Aleisha Amohia (2):
      Bug 22365: Removing warn when accessing Log Viewer
      Bug 7862: Preventing warns when creating a notice

Björn Nylén (1):
      Bug 10345: Increment copy number when adding multiple copies.

Blou (1):
      Bug 21130: (Follow up OPAC Results) Prevent HTML class from being 

Christopher Brannon (4):
      Bug 21346: Streamline logic in holds and transfers
      Bug 21346: Remove double dialog
      Bug 21346: Convert dialogs to modals.
      Bug 21346: Remove inline onclicks per comment 42

Colin Campbell (1):
      Bug 22611: Correction for call to get create_item in

David Bourgault (1):
      Bug 21130: Prevent HTML class from being translated

Ere Maijala (1):
      Bug 19670: Change Collation of marc_field to allow mixed case mappings

Fridolin Somers (6):
      Bug 20823: UNIMARC XSLT add subfield t for subjects
      Bug 21832: Restore is_expired in ILS-DI GetPatronInfo service
      Bug 21832: add unit test
      Bug 21832: add is_expired to ILS-DI example
      Bug 22620: OPAC description for CCODE in
      Bug 22723: Correct syntax error on confess call in 

Frédéric Demians (2):
      Bug 21937: Add test to show autoBarcode annual increment bug
      Bug 21937: Syspref autoBarcode annual doesn't increment properly barcode

Hayley Mapley (5):
      Bug 13763: Added check for filter syspref in
      Bug 12441: conditional checks and displays using same syspref
      Bug 21003: Removed warning and changed wording on
      Bug 21003: Made Edit keywords more consistent in
      Bug 19497: Removed title (tooltip) from Edit button in

Jonathan Druart (20):
      Bug 22068: Prevent patrons to cancel article request they did not create
      Bug 22542: Force back button to display personal data
      Bug 22478: Prevent XSS vulnerabilities when pagination appears
      Bug 22478: Add tests
      Bug 21172: Remove warning from
      Bug 22762: Fix items.collection display on receiving
      Bug 20891: Escape list's names in JSON
      Bug 20891: Escape html then JSON
      Bug 22621: Fix filters on subscription search results
      Bug 21671: Prevent Modifications.t to fail randomly
      Bug 21709: Replace 'no popup' plugin links with a span
      Bug 22878: Add tests
      Bug 22878: Do not pass layout_id on creating a layout
      Bug 22781: Add tests
      Bug 22781: Escape cardnumber, category's description, library's name and 
      Bug 22781: Test patron's info filtering
      Bug 22781: Does not double filter address
      Bug 22781: Correctly filter the emails
      Bug 20514: Use streetnumber when searching for patrons by address
      Bug 23058: Prevent XSS vulnerabiliies when 'tag' is passed to opac-search

Josef Moravec (3):
      Bug 13763: (follow-up) Strip leading whitespace characters from input 
      Bug 22607: Change default value in issues.renewals to '0'.
      Bug 22787: Add mapping of letters "ů" and "Ů" to zebra definitions

Julian Maurice (2):
      Bug 21049: Fix value of material select for Rancor 007 widget
      Bug 21049: Set 007/00 when selecting material type (Rancor)

Katrin Fischer (10):
      Bug 13735: Update PrepareItemrecordDisplay to use maxlength
      Bug 22075: Fix encoding problem with RIS export in OPAC
      Bug 22624: Show OPAC description for authorised values in OPAC
      Bug 21659: Fix links to basket groups from order receive page
      Bug 21659: Change link to basket group edit page
      Bug 22478: Fix POD
      Bug 22090: Add missing information to cash register CSV file
      Bug 22154: Fix search for Braille from Advanced search page
      Bug 21172: Remove obsolete framework parameter from GetMarcFromKohaField
      Bug 22886: Missing space between fields from Keyword to MARC mapping in 
cataloguing search

Koha translators (3):
      Translation updates for Koha 18.05.12
      Translation updates for Koha 18.05.13
      Translation updates for Koha 18.05.14

Kyle M Hall (2):
      Bug 22715: Searching for patrons with "" in the circulation note hangs 
patron search
      Bug 21589: Series link formed from 830 field is incorrect

Liz Rea (5):
      Bug 22527: web installer links to outdated DB manual
      Bug 22816: OPAC detail holdings table should now look a bit better
      Bump version number for release
      Database update for 18.05.14
      Release notes for 18.05.14 release

Lucas Gass (9):
      Bug 22620: RMaint Follow-up reverting bad commit
      Bug 22607: DBRev
      Bug 19670: DBRev
      Bug 19670: (RMaint follow-up)
      Increment version for 18.05.12 release
      Update release notes for 18.05.12 release
      Bug 22478: (RMaint follow-up) Fix blank line before =head1
      Bug 22692: (RMaint Follow-up) fix tests
      Increment version for 18.05.13 release

Lyon3 Team (1):
      Bug 22652: Editing Course reserves is broken

Marcel de Rooy (5):
      Bug 22478: (QA follow-up) Handle category in opac-shelves like a boolean
      Bug 22735: Resolve internal server error on missing item type
      Bug 21036: Fix uninitialized value within @itemnumber in string ne
      Bug 21036: Fix warnings from C4/Biblio
      Bug 21036: Remove odd number of elements warnings from

Mark Tompsett (1):
      Bug 20692: Extreme toggle checking for plack

Martin Renvoize (5):
      Bug 20782: Fix link from edifactmessages to invoices
      Bug 22478: (QA follow-up) Make test consistent with variable name
      Bug 22478: (QA follow-up) Update tests to check for any script tags
      Bug 22478: (RMaint follow-up) source t::lib::Mocks
      Update release notes with security bugs

Maryse Simard (1):
      Bug 21263: Pickup library not set correctly when using Default holds 

Mirko Tietgen (1):
      Bug 22808: Move Cache.t to db_dependent

Nick Clemens (6):
      Bug 20937: Truncate items for print notices when user has an email
      Bug 22692: Unit tests
      Bug 22692: Check for patron using cardnumber and userid
      Bug 22743: Add password modal to overdrive results page
      Bug 22715: Remove extraneous html filter
      Bug 22527: (RM follow-up) Add filter

Owen Leonard (11):
      Bug 22561: Forgotten password requirements hint doesn't list all rules 
for new passwords
      Bug 22560: Forgotten password "token expired" page still shows boxes to 
reset password
      Bug 22536: Display problem in Holds to Pull report
      Bug 22575: Item type administration uses invalid error class for dialog
      Bug 21013: Missing itemtype for checkut makes patron summary print explode
      Bug 14358: Changing the module refreshes the page and resets library 
      Bug 13629: SingleBranchMode removes both library and availability search 
from advanced search
      Bug 22444: currencies_manage permission doesn't provide link to manage 
currencies when selected alone
      Bug 18011: Enrollment period date on patron category can be set in the 
past without any error/warning messages
      Bug 22716: Use gender-neutral pronouns in system preference descriptions
      Bug 22881: Trying to clear search history via the navbar X doesn't clear 
any searches

Tomas Cohen Arazi (7):
      Bug 17746: Make koha-reset-passwd user
      Bug 17746: Add misc/admin/ script
      Bug 17746: (QA follow-up) Make generate a password if 
      Bug 22068: (QA follow-up) Return meaningful error codes
      Bug 22739: Test SelfCheckInTimeout <> 0, not just defined
      Bug 22813: remove repetitive queries inside two nested loops in 
      Bug 22813: (follow-up) Add missing condition

root (1):
      Bug 22478: (follow-up) [18.05.X ONLY] Fix rebase and fix selenium 


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