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  replaces  v19.05.01
 tagged by  Fridolin Somers
        on  Tue Jul 23 15:09:25 2019 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Koha release 19.05.02


Alex Arnaud (1):
      Bug 22210: Mana config - Replace firstname and lastname with name

David Cook (1):
      Bug 23057: If checked_in_ok is set and item is not checked out, alert 
flag is supressed for *any* reason

David Nind (1):
      Bug 23130: Fix alternative mana server URL in etc/koha-conf.xml

Fridolin Somers (9):
      Bug 23132: Fix encoding issues in facets with show more link
      Bug 23153: In framework management action subfields must not go directly 
to edition
      Bug 22617: Fix checkout notes typo in manage_checkout_notes permission 
      Bug 22944: change unit tests
      Bug 22944: avoid AnonymousPatron in search_patrons_to_anonymise
      Bug 22944: remove obsolete unit test
      Increment version for 19.05.02 release
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'translate/19.05.02-translate-20190723' into 
      Update release notes for 19.05.02 release

Jonathan Druart (8):
      Bug 23065: Rename "New subscription" button when default to current serial
      Bug 13640: Do not display unreserveable items on the Holds to pull screen
      Bug 23150: Do not consider gdpr_proc_consent a mandatory field
      Bug 15814: Handle correctly MMTA edit button
      Bug 15814: Add missing filters
      Bug 22571: Add tests
      Bug 22571: Handle control fields in MMT for conditionals
      Bug 23151: Add tests

Joonas Kylmälä (1):
      Bug 23034: Remove uninitialized value warning in Mana KB settings

Julian Maurice (1):
      Bug 23144: (QA follow-up) Fix another POD error in svc/barcode

Katrin Fischer (1):
      Bug 23097: Fix regression on overdues report and link patrons to 

Koha translators (1):
      Translation updates for Koha 19.05.02

Kyle M Hall (7):
      Bug 23103: Cannot checkin items lost by deleted patrons with fines 
      Bug 23103: (QA follow-up) Return undef implicitly
      Bug 23057: Unit tests
      Bug 23057: Update do_checkin
      Bug 23057: (QA follow-up) Remove new AddReturn message 
ReturnOfLostItemBlocked, use existing pattern from
      Bug 23116: AllowHoldPolicyOverride allows a librarian to almost place a 
hold on an item already on hold
      Bug 23151: (QA follow-up) Fix atomic update

Marcel de Rooy (6):
      Bug 13640: (QA follow-up) Allow NULL values for 
      Bug 23177: (QA follow-up) Move three subs from the middle to the top in 
      Bug 23177: (QA follow-up) Move rollback to the end
      Bug 23177: (QA follow-up) Remove subtest txn_begin and rollback
      Bug 23150: (follow-up) Make gdpr_proc_consent mandatory for create
      Bug 23151: (QA follow-up) Remove debug leftover

Mark Tompsett (8):
      Bug 22783: (follow up) not SET for anonymous BLOCK
      Bug 23090: Add some special characters
      Bug 22571: (follow up) fix Donald cut-&-paste error
      Bug 23250: Just use an @ in the password
      Bug 23151: Modifiy database structure
      Bug 23151: Schema changes
      Bug 23151: Tweak to use the new database structure
      Bug 23151: (follow-up) tweaked tests

Martin Renvoize (8):
      Bug 22783: Make 'OPAC News' string translatable
      Bug 22210: (QA follow-up) Tiny gramatical correction
      Bug 22585: Add Justin Rittenhouse to contributors
      Bug 22966: Add Petter von Krogh to contributors
      Bug 23130: Add David Nind to contributors
      Bug 23177: (RM follow-up) Further test clarifications
      Bug 23034: (RM follow-up) Consistent coding style
      Bug 23151: DBRev

Nick Clemens (4):
      Bug 23120: Pass necessary inputs through when transferring item 
      Bug 23144: Replace missing =cut in svc/header
      Bug 23140: Fix typo in branchcode parameters for print slip
      Bug 23179: Add 'edit subfields' button to framework management

Owen Leonard (4):
      Bug 23061: Add column/print/export feature on checkout history page
      Bug 23122: When searching callnumber in simple search, search option is 
not retained
      Bug 22851: Style navigation links in serials modules like same links in 
other modules
      Bug 22946: Markup error in OPAC search results around selection links

Petter von Krogh (1):
      Bug 22966: Add Norwegian library and patron names for installer


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