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 tagged by  Lucas Gass
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Koha release 18.11.09


Andrew Isherwood (2):
      Bug 23308: Change html to filter to $raw
      Bug 23229: Only load ILL table JS when needed

Arthur Suzuki (1):
      Bug 23199: Koha::Patron->store must check 'uppercasesurname' syspref

Fridolin Somers (4):
      Bug 21534: Always compute wildcards
      Bug 18707: Background jobs post disabled inputs
      Bug 23132: Fix encoding issues in facets with show more link
      Bug 22617: Fix checkout notes typo in manage_checkout_notes permission 

Jonathan Druart (8):
      Bug 23211: Prevent SIP/Transaction.t to fail randomly
      Bug 23083: Add tests
      Bug 23083: Fix course reserve item editing if one of the value is set to 
      Bug 21027: Fix checkout statistics if 1+ of the fields is not defined
      Bug 21316: Handle control fields in the ACQ frameworks
      Bug 23218: Fix shift in patron's attributes in batch patron modification
      Bug 23428: (bug 23151 follow-up) Fix self registration with a 
verification email
      Bug 22142: Do not revert data if 'unchanged' was set

Josef Moravec (1):
      Bug 23363: (QA follow-up) Fix indentation

Julian Maurice (1):
      Bug 23156: [18.11] Add pagination to checkouts in ILS-DI GetPatronInfo 

Katrin Fischer (2):
      Bug 23098: Reword success message of KOC upload process
      Bug 22021: Improve item status display when placing holds in staff

Koha translators (1):
      Translation updates for Koha 18.11.09

Kyle M Hall (3):
      Bug 23103: Cannot checkin items lost by deleted patrons with fines 
      Bug 23103: (QA follow-up) Return undef implicitly
      Bug 23229: (QA follow-up) Fix indentation

Liz Rea (2):
      Bug 23431: Don't nullify DOB if it's hidden by sysprefs
      Bug 23363: Fix Internal Server Error when clicking on shipment cost 
invoice link

Lucas Gass (5):
      Bug 23115: Compiled CSS
      Bug 23151: (RM follow-up) Delete atomicupdate file
      Bug 22710: [18.11.x] Return to the last advanced search link not 
filtering correctly in 18.11.x
      Increment version for 18.11.09 release
      Update release notes for 18.11.09 release

Marcel de Rooy (2):
      Bug 23266: Add to cart fires twice on shelf page
      Bug 23177: [18.11.x] (QA follow-up) Move three subs from the middle to 
the top in Circulation.t

Mark Tompsett (6):
      Bug 22128: Removed outdated comment
      Bug 23230: (follow-up) Fix broken tests
      Bug 23199: Added tests for Koha::Patron
      Bug 23199: (follow-up) Fix tab/space issues
      Bug 21000: Force case sensitivity on Getopt::Long
      Bug 11642: change / to and in related tools menu

Martin Renvoize (8):
      Bug 22566: Fix some more issues
      Bug 22566: Accept 'all' in the branch params
      Bug 22566: Rename 'report_email' to 'report_by_branch'
      Bug 22566: Clarify intent of reports and add warnings
      Bug 22566: Add 'branch' key to GetPreparedLetter
      Bug 22128: Add Rudolf Byker to contributors
      Bug 23280: Silence warning
      Bug 23192: (RM follow-up) Add missing filters to

Nick Clemens (19):
      Bug 22566: Fix some problems
      Bug 22566: (QA follow-up) Fix pod complaint
      Bug 23220: Prevent form submission before redirect
      Bug 23045: TextMarc errors on blank lines
      Bug 23045: Return record along with errors
      Bug 23255: Correct HomeOrHoldingBranch descriptions
      Bug 23077: Unit tests
      Bug 23077: Don't fill cardnumber with empty string
      Bug 23077: Fix import of cardnumber 0
      Bug 19012: Note additional columns that are required during patron import
      Bug 23194: Allow HTML in item public notes to be processed on OPAC details
      Bug 23194: Fix other occurences
      Bug 23192: Correct tab input on
      Bug 12537: Don't retrieve XISBN results for the same biblionumber
      Bug 23179: Add 'edit subfields' button to framework management
      Bug 11642: Add confirmation and tooltips to batch deletion tool
      Bug 23218: (QA follow-up) Remove dummy value
      Bug 23322: Correct case for boolean in ES search
      Bug 22142: Highlight the issue

Owen Leonard (19):
      Bug 22935: Improve style of Bootstrap pagination
      Bug 22949: Markup error in OPAC course reserves template
      Bug 23183: Reindent cataloging.js
      Bug 22951: Markup error in OPAC holds template
      Bug 22951: (follow-up) Fix indentation
      Bug 22957: Remove type attribute from script tags: Staff client includes 
      Bug 23227: Remove type attribute from script tags: Reports
      Bug 23221: Reindent tools/
      Bug 23221: (follow-up) Add comments on markup structure
      Bug 23143: [18.11] Filter paid transactions not working
      Bug 11642: (follow-up) Improve Batch patron deletion and anonymization 
GUI to make consequences clearer
      Bug 23145: Confirming transfer during checkin clears the table of 
previously checked-in items
      Bug 23304: Reindent cataloguing/
      Bug 23304: (follow-up) Add markup structure comments
      Bug 23278: Reopen last panel upon "Save and continue" in notices
      Bug 23078: Use Koha.Preference in OPAC global header include
      Bug 23078: (follow-up) Update self checkout help page
      Bug 23455: Patron card printing from Patron lists is broken
      Bug 23405: Circulation autocomplete for patron lookup broken if 
cardnumber is empty

Rudolf Byker (1):
      Bug 22128: Use DROP USER IF EXISTS instead of GRANT USAGE before DROP 

Tomas Cohen Arazi (2):
      Bug 23230: Unit tests
      Bug 23230: Make _version_compare OO context aware


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