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 tagged by  Fridolin Somers
        on  Tue Sep 24 09:40:33 2019 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Koha release 19.05.04


Aleisha Amohia (1):
      Bug 22799: Avoiding batch item modification case sensitivity when 
entering barcodes

Alex Arnaud (1):
      Bug 23436: add a label for duplicate backend

Caroline Cyr La Rose (1):
      Bug 23353: ACQ framework makes fr-CA web installer explode

Chris Cormack (1):
      Bug 21390: Send registration verification emails immediately

David Bourgault (2):
      Bug 21058: Added HTML classes in MARC21slim2_Detail.xsl
      Bug 21058: Added HTML class to showRDAtag264

Emmi (1):
      Bug 22272: Calendar: When entering date ranges grey out dates in the past 
from the start date

Fridolin Somers (12):
      Bug 23438: Use Font Awesome icons in intranet search results browser
      Bug 23438: Compiled CSS
      Bug 22830: correct for loop in value_builder/ 
      Revert "Bug 23273: (RM follow-up) Add missing filters"
      Revert "Bug 23273: Fix CSV export for overdues"
      Bug 23404: add UT to show bug
      Bug 23404: fix Circulation::TooMany error on itemtype when at biblio level
      Bug 23404: Change UT calls
      Bug 23004: Missing authtype filter in
      Bug 23004: Unit test
      Increment version for 19.05.04 release
      Update release notes for 19.05.04 release

Jonathan Druart (16):
      Bug 23309: Update DB
      Bug 23309: Use Koha::MarcSubfieldStructures to create to subfields
      Bug 23242: Fix insert of Z3950 servers with strict SQL modes
      Bug 23273: Fix CSV export for overdues
      Bug 23273: Fix CSV export for overdues
      Bug 23273: Remove debug statement
      Bug 23265: (bug 12063 follow-up) Remove Koha::Holds from updatedatabase
      Bug 22786: Prevent fund creation for locked budgets
      Bug 23079: Handle invalid timezones when adding/subtracting durations
      Bug 23079: Add tests
      Bug 23289: Quote new 'rows' MariaDB reserved word
      Bug 16111: Fix content type for RSS feed
      Bug 16111: Adjust some more filters
      Bug 16111: [CHANGED] Replace link href by link in rss part
      Bug 22037: Block SIP checkout if guarantees have debt
      Bug 23425: Display the MARCXML error in the Metadata::Invalid exception 

Katrin Fischer (3):
      Bug 23416: (QA follow-up) Add IGNORE to updatedatabase SQL statement
      Bug 23446: Fix display issue in serials navigation
      Bug 23445: Make loan period unit translatable fixing editing issue

Koha translators (1):
      Translation updates for Koha 19.05.04

Kyle M Hall (2):
      Bug 23539: accountlines.accounttype should match 
authorised_values.authorised_value in size
      Bug 22037: (QA follow-up) Implement use of CHARGES_GUARANTEES

Lari Taskula (1):
      Bug 16825: Add API route for getting an item

Liz Rea (2):
      Bug 16111: Further fixes to the RSS to make feed work
      Bug 23537: Overdrive won't show complete results at all times

Lucas Gass (1):
      Bug 23210: login4tags should be a link and included in every search result

Marcel de Rooy (7):
      Bug 16219: (QA follow-up) Tiny regex change
      Bug 23324: (QA follow-up) Typo and remove unneeded use statement
      Bug 23397: (QA follow-up) Replace mod 2 by last
      Bug 16111: (QA follow-up) Changes related to partial revert
      Bug 16111: (QA follow-up) Few additional corrections
      Bug 22929: Allow SCI/SCO logins independent of GDPR_Policy
      Bug 22037: (QA follow-up) Correct misleading comment

Martha Fuerst (1):
      Bug 21180: Allow Talking Tech outbound script to limit based on patron 
home library branchcode

Martin Renvoize (9):
      Bug 23416: DBRev
      Bug 23309: DBRev
      Bug 23445: (RM follow-up) Add warning for unexpected lengthunit
      Bug 23445: (RM follow-up) Missing filter
      Bug 23273: (RM follow-up) Add missing filters
      Bug 23273: (RM follow-up) Add missing filters
      Bug 23273: (RM follow-up) Correction to filters
      Bug 23539: DBRev
      Bug 23539: (RM follow-up) Update DBIC classes

Mason James (1):
      Bug 23530: Fix cart showing only hidden items

Nick (1):
      Bug 23526: Don't use encoded question mark in shib_login_url

Nick Clemens (15):
      Bug 23338: Allow specifying order level replacement price when adding to 
basket from file
      Bug 23294: Show actual price when ordering
      Bug 23416: Add PreserveSerialNotes system preference
      Bug 23319: Implement blocking errors for neworderbiblio and
      Bug 23408: Move relatives-issues-table to an include
      Bug 23385: Hide 'Default values' fields by default
      Bug 16219: Add 'params' parameter to
      Bug 16219: (follow-up) Nicer message if params missing and note that they 
are not combined
      Bug 23324: Add an ISBN normalization routine
      Bug 23324: (QA follow-up) Use existing NormalizeISBN function
      Bug 23437: Use authorities for tracing series
      Bug 23397: Fix grouping of orders in acqui scripts
      Bug 23397: (follow-up) Split and display itemtypes
      Bug 22744: Remove the 'do not notify' buttons
      Bug 22744: Changes for opac and remove JS

Owen Leonard (5):
      Bug 23385: (follow-up) Update link
      Bug 23502: Staff client "revert status" buttons should not depend on 
SuspendHoldsIntranet preference
      Bug 23210: (follow-up) Log in for tags link should trigger modal
      Bug 23518: Problem with borrower search autocomplete
      Bug 23575: Template error causes item search to be submitted multiple 

Tomas Cohen Arazi (4):
      Bug 11677: Use zebra not-onloan-count index for availability limit
      Bug 23404: (QA follow-up) Minor fix
      Bug 23597: Add missing reserved query parameters to GET /holds
      Bug 23425: (QA follow-up) Keep it generic


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