Hello Arthur,

You're not doing anything wrong. The GetAvailability implementation in
Koha works only when id_type=item. And I believe the parameter
'return_type' is not used at all.

Please open a bug report on https://bugs.koha-community.org/

On 16/09/2016 10:45, SUZUKI Arthur wrote:
> Hello people,
> First of all I wishes everyone have spent a nice summer!
> At my work we're trying to use ILSDI to get availability of all items 
> for a biblionumber.
> Thanks to Julian we were able to use the GetAvailability method to get 
> availability for one item at a time.
> https://catalogue.univ-lyon3.fr/cgi-bin/koha/ilsdi.pl?service=GetAvailability&id=510054&id_type=item
> According to the documentation it is possible to query this script with 
> biblionumber rather than itemnumber to get availability of all items in 
> one shot.
> https://catalogue.univ-lyon3.fr/cgi-bin/koha/ilsdi.pl?service=GetAvailability&id=334726&id_type=bib&return_type=item
> The late query is then supposed to work but it doesn't.
> Am I doing something wrong?
> Thanks in advance for your wisdom and enlightenment!
> Best regards,
> Arthur Suzuki
> University Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Julian Maurice <julian.maur...@biblibre.com>
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