Hi All - doing:

select status from message_queue group by status

gives me 3 values:


Are these 3 values the only value "allowed" in this field? Or, putting it 
another way, if messages are added to the table with a different status value 
would it cause problems in Koha?

The reason I'm asking is: as soon a book with a reservation is returned on our 
selfcheck machines an email is added to the message_queue table with the status 
of pending.  A lot can happen to this book before it actually gets on the 
reserve shelf, and may never actually get to the reserve shelf.  If the book 
does go missing, gets hidden etc, the user with the reservation still gets an 
email telling them that the book is ready to collect (when it's not). To avoid 
this we are wondering if could stop this email from being sent (we only send 
out email notices once a day). We could delete the email from the message_queue 
table - I don't really like deleting stuff - or we could change the status. I 
guess I could change to "failed", but "cancelled"  sounds better.  I thinking 
of writing a bit of code to allow library staff to do this easily from the 
staff client - could I change the status to "cancelled" or is it better to stay 
with one of the original three?

Cheers, Stephen

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