> As written in it, without an agreement we will find all together, no new 
> enhancements are going

> to be pushed.

I am not sure which 'agreement'  you are seeking here. The time for a critical 
bug to become part of master, just depends on involvement of people and the 
publicity made for it via IRC and mailing lists. If it takes more time, nobody 
should complain, because we can all participate.

 But the approach of vetoing enhancements is imo contraproductive and will only 
scare people away. So I just hope that you change your mind about that course. 
We cannot force people to participate.

If you are not pushing enhancements btw, it does not make much sense to QA them 
too. Same for testing or signing them off. Note if we pile up everything in 
PQA, we will have a lot of rebasing and we will create some new bugs in that 


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