> Thank you for clarifying my understanding. It sounds like Koha will 
> simultaneously pull and display copyright date information from more than one 
> MARC subfield and that's great. What would happen if a MARC record only has, 
> for example, a 264$c and no 260$c? Will Koha throw an error if it encounters 
> scenarios like this? I hope that those questions do not sound stupid.

No problem. Koha will handle it fine. 264c and 260c will always be 

> As far as non-MARC data is concerned, if Koha can pull copyright date from 
> two MARC subfields, then it stands to reason that it could pull the date from 
> two MARC subfields and a Dublin Core field/element, yes?

Yes, but I keep this thread to Koha<->MARC now. Obviously, we can pull other 
data too in some future scenario.
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