On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Jonathan Druart wrote:
If you are a developer and you want to help, what do you do? Where do you
do? How to you prioritize your work? Are you all picking bugs randomly in
the queue?

I'm not a "developer" in that I don't work for a commercial Koha support company, but as our library are moving to Koha and I'm a coder, I've been dipping my toes in the Koha dev waters. As such, Koha is only a very small part of my day job, so doesn't get lots of time allocated to it at the moment. Running to jump on the Koha dev train is quite a challenge: there's much to learn and the information about what to do and what is required/optional takes a while to find. As such I currently feel much happier/safer making small enhancements/bug fixes than working on show stopping blockers where I may well currently lack the skills and knowledge to do the right thing.

So for me, yes, I do tend to look at Bugzilla bugs randomly in the queue, as some are of more interest to our library than others (and quite a few I don't understand and/or seem to have grown crufty and unusable). If I get a spare few minutes and something interesting pops up on the IRC channel or the mailing list I may look at it.

We need to all agree on a "place to go" to know what need to be done. I
listed ideas.

For what its worth, I'd suggest just having "a" place to go. Koha seems to have lots of places to go at the moment (IRC, mailing list, Kanban, bugzilla, wiki pages, random people's githubs, etc, etc). If you're suffering from a lack of attention, focus what attention there is on just one place, and don't introduce more ways of interacting.

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