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> I do not see the point to sign-off and QA trivial string patches when
> blockers are in the queue for weeks (no need to tell me everybody does what
> do they want, I still agree with that).

I completely get that blockers need to be sorted out. But personally I
got into Koha dev stream with string patches. How to write the tests
was a mystery to me in the initial days and I was afraid to get in
there. And when I did, I made mistakes which others helped clean up
and that's how I learnt and I'm still learning.

For a newbie, seeing their trivial patch being signed off and pushed
is a shot of adrenaline and it gives them the confidence to bite into
bigger pieces. I'm sure that we do not want Koha development to be
seen as an oligarchy of expert devs, by not pushing the insignificant
patches when there are blocker patches, especially when there is a
call up for more "hands on the deck".

Personally I was *not* happy with the shift to taiga. I knew my way
around BZ. Kanban was a new format to me and having to spend time to
learn a new pm tool was something that had me dragging my feet. But
then its human nature.to resist  change. :-)  I will probably just get
used to it in bit

just my 2c


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