First some ranting about Zebra and then a question about ElasticSearch.

Using Zebra there is a Global system pref. called maxRecordsForFacets. By 
default the number of records used to build the facet list is the first 20 
results shown. You also get a warning in the manual to increase the number 
since it will impact respons time. Building a facet list out of 20 records may 
be enough for some people but if you think twice about it you realise that it 
is quite misleading, especially since the user does not know that the facet 
list is built on a very limited selection of records. Having the sort set on 
Author and searching for realivity theory, the facet list may not show Einstein 
if your library is specialised in physics and have a fairly large collection.

I have high hopes for ElasticSearch to work with facets in a better way. The 
best would be if all the index could be used for producing e.g. the author 
facet and that it would have minimal impact on system performance. I understand 
that there is discussion about making facets configurable (bug 18235) but I 
cannot see any traces of the improvements I would like to see, but I may be 
wrong since I am quite new working with Koha.

Claes Eriksson, VTI, Sweden

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