I don’t do anything with Elastic or Catmandu at the moment, so I won’t comment 
about that.


But you mention the overhead of Catmandu start-up. Can you speak more to that? 
What’s “the book drop machine”? Why isn’t Catmandu running in a persistent 

*I say as someone who still uses Koha using CGI rather than Plack…


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Subject: [Koha-devel] Replace Catmandu indexing code with pure perl and 
eventually drop Catmandu as a Koha dependency


Hi all!

I have been working on replacing Catmandu depandant indexing code with a 
simpler and faster Koha-specific one using the Search::Elasticsearch package 
(which Catmandu uses internally): 


Some of the benefits would be:


1) Increased indexing performance (about twice as fast, six times as fast if 
comparing time spent in update_index()), due to more efficient json-conversion 
and fewer Elasticsearch requests.

2) With Catmandu indexing speed decreases as more mappings are added, with the 
alternative algorithm indexing is kept more or less constant no matter how many 
mappings you add.

3) Neglectable indexing start-up time. Especially noticeable when indexing a 
single document. For example we have an issue with the book drop machine, each 
return taking a couple of seconds because of the Catmandu start-up overhead (or 
when saving biblios in staff client).

4) More transparent code and less complexity compared with Catmandu (admittedly 
partly subjective statement) should lead to improved maintainability and 
increased stability.

5) No need for new developers to learn the Fix language

6) Closer to the metal so easier to perform even more Koha-specific 
optimizations and customizations which might not be feasible with Catmandu in 
tthe way


The proposed patch only addresses the indexing logic but the remaining 
Catmandu-dependant code (mainly for searching) should be pretty trivial to 
replace with Search::Elasticsearch implementation which can be done as a next 


Would be wonderful if this could be raised for discussion at the next 
developers meeting.


Best regards

David Gustafsson

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