Hey All,

It's that time of the year again! Here is the timeline Brendan and I have
mapped out for the pending Koha 16.11 release:

Nov 1st - Feature Slush

For the uninitiated, the slush means that no new enhancements, only bug
fixes, will be pushed to master until some time after the 16.11 release.
During the slush phase bug fixes may include template string changes that
will require translation.

Nov 3 - 1st Draft of release notes

The 1st draft of the 16.12 release notes will be published and made
available so corrections may be submitted.

Nov 10 - 2nd Draft of release notes

Nov 15th - Feature Freeze

From November 15 until the release date, only bug fixes without string
changes will be pushed to master.

Nov 17 - Final Draft of release notes

Nov 22 - 16.12 Release Day!


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