Hi Vasiliki,

>My OPAC is not public yet. 

>>I have added left panel navigational links in my OPAC but when I click on 
>>them the OPAC language changes from greek to english. How can I create new 
>>preferences (webpages) that my OPAC recognises as greek? 

it is difficult to answer to your question because we can't see the problem.
If your links go outsite the opac, when you return is the same situation that 
you start
a navigation in the opac. 
If so, probably the problem is in your brower. In your browser the default 
language is greek or english ?

If your links are inside Koha and you have create new web pages (Koha as CMS 
see: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_as_a_CMS)
you need to transalte them.

Zeno Tajoli
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