Respected All,
Is there any managerial interface available for self registered patrons?
The concept is when a user registered via OPAC, we need to check them and
activate their account after verification. This managerial interface could
provide those facilities. As I think

   -  List of Registered
   - Activation status
   - Email verification status
   - Patron Category change options
   - Button to activate them after email verification (Activate button will
   be enabled after verification only)

Is that possible to make such interface? Please reply, it is kind of urgent
to me.

*Best wishes.*
*Md. Mubassir Ahsan*
Library Officer (IT Support)
Daffodil International University
Corporate No. : 01811458818
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*Skype+Twitter*: mahsandu
*"Proud to be a LIS Professional*"
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Greenstone), N/W Admin, DBA.*
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