We regularly import large files of MARC records into our Koha (16.05) database 
which have to be deleted at a later date… sometimes months later, and sometimes 
maybe 30,000 records. I have been using the Undo import (sort-of “unstage”) as 
I found this functionality astoundingly useful. It automated a task, reducing a 
tedious job to a couple of keystrokes.

However I was dismayed to find that after a recent “Undo” of 13,000 records our 
database was left over 7,000 “phantom records”- they didn’t exist but the 
indexing had failed to remove all traces of them

We were advised to use the batch record deletion tool, as the Undo feature 
wasn’t designed to be used in the way I was using it. “… it is meant to unstage 
records nearer to the point in time of being added”. (And what’s the point of 
that?) We had to have our database re-indexed to resolve the problem. Is there 
any point in the Undo feature if the indexer can’t cope? I hate to think what 
other dross I had left behind in earlier “Undos”!

Ray Delahunty
University of the Arts London
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