as asked here before, we moved from Book2DB to Koha which was quite a quest
as Book2DB is saving all information data set-based. So in every catalogued
book there is also the signature saved. 

So I rebuid the exported *.csv-file to match MARCMaker as to make an *mrk
and *mrc-file. I've tried to do my best to re-route all MARC-fields to the
given scheme. text file is saved as ANSI. 



Although it seems to have worked so far, I have some troubles also. The
search results look as following

I'm not sure if this should look like this
Also there were problems for the proper display of mutation signs. Not to
mention that I have to move the signatures out of the 500 category to form
single issues.

Perhaps someone can look over the whole thing and I can tell me, if I have
transformed it right or if I should re-import the database with other

Currently I have Koha 16.05 installed. I'm running OMV 2.0.21 (i.e Debian
Wheezy) and the new Koha build isn't installing. If anyone want to look into
it for yourself: http://koha.enne.at Searching without logging in is

I'm thankful for any assistance.
With kind regards

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