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After an update from Koha 3.20.4 we work on a new host with Debian GNU/Linux 8 and Koha 17.05.1.

Our catalog contains authority records with "see also" records. For example the subject "Buchkultur" (MARC 150 $a) has a "see also" record "Lesekultur" (MARC 450 $a).

On Koha 3.20 it was possible to search the OPAC for subject "Lesekultur" and thus finding the records with subject "Buchkultur".

In Koha 17.05 it will only find the main authority records, but not the "see also" records. Thus an OPAC search for "Lesekultur" will find NO RESULTS here.

Why is that so? We have tried to relink all authorities (using script "link_bibs_to_authorities.pl"). We have also tried to rebuild the Zebra index for the authorities, but to no avail.

Are we missing something?

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Unfortunately I haven't found the solution until now. I only have found out the following:

1. No system preferences were changed after the update. This means the following system preferences haven't been changed during or since the update:

* IncludeSeeFromInSearches: Include
* CatalogModuleRelink: Do not
* KinkerKeepStale: Do not
* Linker module: Default
* LinkerOptions: (empty)
* LinkerRelink: Do

2. In Koha 3.20.4 the search for "see from (non-preferred form) headings" showed all the expected results. After the update to Koha 17.05 these searches do find nothing anymore. (Even though we relinked all authorities and also have rebuilt the Zebra index for the authorities).

3. In my own Koha 17.05.1 demo installation with the same system preferences set I entered a new authority record with MARC 150 $a "Buchkultur" and MARC 450 $a "Lesekultur" (as existing in the productive system). Then I added this authority record into the bibliographic record MARC 650 $a. Neither in the productive system nor in my demo installation the search for "Lesekultur" will show a result.

4. Can anyone positively CONFIRM that in his installation of Koha 17.05.1 the search for "see from (non-preferred form) headings" does show results?

I will appreciate any kind of hint regarding this problem.

Best wishes: Michael
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