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So move it off the site and make it 'the community managed list'. Or some other 
name. But make it its own thing clearly maintained by volunteers, not part of 
the main site and in no way official at all.

Anything on *.koha-community.org will be deemed "official" ;-)

Yep, right off that url is what I meant.

Because I see the list as something that works against small companies,
rather than for them. As your experience would attest Indranil.
Not being on the list is used as a weapon against companies. So pretty much the exact opposite viewpoint to Brooke.

I see the list as just one more obstacle in a dev/vendor being able to
offer Koha support, rather than a help. Especially if as we are talking
about is making it harder to get listed.
This will be my last email on it, and I will be talking to my colleagues
about having our name removed, and I hope the whole list and all the
problems it causes for new developers goes away.



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