Hi Chrispin

> I have a Koha installation in Ubuntu 17.05 using the package method. I
> have configure and enable upload.pl but strangely iam unable to view
> attached file through the opac
> In the staff client iam able to open and read file. Where have I gone
> wrong. Thank you.

For Koha 16.11 you will find the information regarding upload here:

* https://koha-community.org/manual/16.11/html/ch03s03.html#uploadtool
* https://koha-community.org/manual/16.11/html/ch06.html#uploadbibfile

Unfortunately for Koha 17.05 URL structure has changed so you will have to find the respective chapters in the Koha 17.05 manual for yourself, but I don't think anything has changed since Koha 16.11.

However I also found this:


Did you correctly configure system preference "OPACBaseURL"?

Be sure to first restart the Apache HTTP Server, then also Koha itself.

# service apache2 restart
# service koha-common restart

Maybe you didn't link plugin "upload.pl" to MARC 856$u ?

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