What is the correct procedure to use cronjobs for sending emails.

With the package method installation of Koha 17.11.11 on Ubuntu 16.04
Server, postfix smtp setup has been done.
I have a Koha instance called "igntucl" and koha user created as

And cronjob entries are found in crontab.example @
* /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs*

Should this be run as:

crontab -u root crontab.example
crontab -u igntucl-koha crontab.example ?

and crontab.example is edited for pointing to koha-conf.xml location

export PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib
export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites*/igntucl/*koha-conf.xml

crontab -e (accessed from root user) shows

 __KOHA_USER__  $KOHA_CRON_PATH/ process_message_queue.pl

But still I am getting error as:
unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml at
/usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Context.pm line 243.

Could you please explain what is correct way of enabling/ working with cron
job for Koha?

With Thanks

Satish MV
Govt. Engineering College, Hassan
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