You might want to look at the plan on the bugzilla report


In summary,

- Optionally, add additional authorised values to 'HSBND_FREQ'.
- Switch on 'HouseboundModule' syspref.
- Ensure 'ExtendedPatronAttributes syspref is on.
- On patron pages, when editing, add some to the Housebound deliverer
  and chooser groups.
- On a patron page, the Housebound menu should now be present.
  - create housebound profile
    + ensure Frequency values seem pulled from 'HSBND_FREQ'.
  - create 'housebound visits' (deliveries)
    + ensure chooser/deliverer lists are populated with patrons that
      have the Chooser or Deliverer Attribute type.
  - edit visits.
  - delete visits.
- Switch off 'HouseboundModule'
  - the Housebound menu should disappear

We were talking about this a few days ago and will try and add some proper
documentation with screens to the manual pages.

On 1 March 2018 at 00:20, Agnes Rivers-Moore <a...@hanover.ca> wrote:

> Dear Koha users
> I have failed to find any manual entries or Wiki description of how to use
> the homebound module.
> Bugzilla #5670 has been under way for a while so the project may have
> changed from the original outline.
> Also it may be called house bound, or homebound, or home-bound... but I
> still cannot find it.
> Can anyone point me towards the information, please, or can anyone share
> some more detailed description of what this is intended to do?
> Is anyone using it?
> Is any further functionality intended in future?
> Thanks everyone,
> Agnes
> (Koha 17.11.03 as of Feb 2018)
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