I am sure that this question has been asked a thousand times, but I am unable 
to locate an answer in the archives, or I am seeking the answer with the wrong 
I want to have links on the home page that retrieves the web page and displays 
to the screen. I am able to call the links to display information from a 
separate server, and have the text files display when hosted on a second 
server. But cannot locate them when hosted on the same server.
I need to be able to store files on my local Koha server to be accessed from 
the Koha Home page. I don't know how to get the OPAC NAV to find the documents 
using http://localhost/path/document
I want this to be a permanent location so that updates to the software do not 
over written the files each time. I would also like to display images of new 
acquisitions on the home page.
Any help would be appreciated.
I am using Ubuntu Xenial and Koha 17.11.03. The other features of Koha work 

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