I would suggest using extended patron attributes for this.

Start by making sure the ExtendedPatronAttribute syspref is enabled --

Then set up Patron Attribute Types in administration:

You can set this up with the YesNo authorized value.


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 12:23 PM, Chris Brown <> wrote:

> Gentle Reader,
> We need to capture an email "consent" field when we add new patrons to
> Koha. Currently my solution is to have staff type "yes" or "no" into the
> borrowernotes field  but what I would really like is to have "yes" and "no"
> radio buttons, or failing that a drop-down with "yes" and "no" as the only
> options. And it would be really good if the field was labelled "email
> consent" on the patron entry form.
> Any suggestions gratefully received!
> Best Regards,
> Chris Brown
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