Yes, that's also a possibility, but I'm trying to keep the initial implementation as simple as possible, so it doesn't currently include any changes to holds or circulation. It's a good candidate for future development.


Hugh Rundle kirjoitti 6.4.2018 klo 8.55:
This sounds great. I'm assuming this would allow us to do things like group 
multiple copies of the same issue of a magazine.

Ere, or someone else, are you able to advise whether this includes any holds 
functionality changes? i.e. if we have:

Bib record
   - Holdings record 1
     - item record A
     - item record B
   - Holdings record 2
     - item record C
     - item record D

We would want to be able to 'place hold on first available item on this 
Holding', rather than first available on Bib/Title, or forcing item-level 
holds. i.e. I want to place a hold on Holdings Record 1, and either of item A 
or item B would satisfy my hold, but item C or item D would not.

This may also necessitate changes to the circulation rules section of 


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There was some discussion of this at the IRC meeting today, forwarding on to 
the general list as well for librarian input/feedback

On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 3:33 AM Ere Maijala <> wrote:

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for the comments. I'll try to clarify the RFC.


Katrin Fischer kirjoitti 1.4.2018 klo 17.32:
Hi Ere,

thx for your work on that! I've added some comments and questions at
the bottom of the RFC page. I think key is to break the big
development down into multiple steps that can be easily tested.


On 26.03.2018 12:58, Ere Maijala wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I've written an RFC for adding support for MARC holdings records,
available here:
I'd be grateful for any feedback on this. I know there have been
some initiatives to add (back) holdings records, but this proposal
is a bit different in that it relies on the MARC format and I
already have it working in a local custom branch apart from OPAC support.


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