Assuming you have root access to your server, log in to a command prompt
and run the command "top", This will show you which processes are using the
most CPU time. (The list is sorted by decreasing CPU usage, you can also
tell it to sort on other fields e.g. % Memory) Is there something stuck at
the top of the list consuming lots of CPU? Also check overall memory usage.
In particular if any swap space is being used (see line "KiB Swap") that
suggests your instance doesn't have enough memory for the workload.

Hope this helps,

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Chris Brown

On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 9:47 PM Jesse Stallings <> wrote:

> Zebra server is running and recently rebuilt, but searches are slow and
> return no results.
> Koha has been installed on AWS t2.micro instance for the past few years
> without issue (we are a small library), but something is suddenly running
> often enough that it is slowing everything else down.
> I know enough to have installed/updated/maintained things this far, but I'm
> not sure what logs will help me figure this out.
> Thanks,
> Jesse Stallings
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