Dear All,

I am running Koha in Ubuntu at CBSE school. I have created new
field Student class and section in Additional attributes and identifiers.
Every day we are taking circulation report "Date wise list of Checked out
Books" and also Checked in books.  Is it possible to include student class
and section in this report. It will be very useful for us. If it is
possible, can you please guide me? I will be thankful to you.

Report SQL:

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(c.issuedate, "%d %b %Y %h:%i %p") AS Issue_Date,
DATE_FORMAT(c.date_due, "%d %b %Y") AS Due_Date,
i.barcode AS Barcode,
b.title AS Title, AS Author,
p.cardnumber AS Card_No,
p.firstname AS First_Name,
p.surname AS Last_Name
FROM issues c
LEFT JOIN items i ON (c.itemnumber=i.itemnumber)
LEFT JOIN borrowers p ON (c.borrowernumber=p.borrowernumber)
LEFT JOIN biblio b ON (i.biblionumber=b.biblionumber)
WHERE c.issuedate
BETWEEN '2019-02-07' AND '2019-02-08'  ORDER BY c.issuedate DESC

Thank you,

Ashok Francis

New Delhi
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