Excerpts from Dorothy Chong's message of 2019-02-12 20:14:48 +0800:
> Our library is hoping to transfer into Koha but has so far had issues with 
> staging the records with items. Without the 952 field it works fine, and it 
> also worked fine when it was just 952$a, $b, and $y. Whenever I try to stage 
> the file it just comes back with “fail to submit form: error”. What is the 
> problem with my MARC please?
> [...]
> =952  \\$a[library name]$b[library name]$o001.94 WIL$p000006$yBook

I've run into import problems when either the library name or the
item type was invalid.

Make sure that "Book" is valid by visiting More / Administration /
Basic Parameters / Item types.  It should be one of the values in the
"Code" column.

Similarly, make sure that your library name is correct by visiting
More / Administration / Basic Parameters / Libraries.  The library
name should be one of values in the "Code" column.
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