This is Koha 18.11.

In our library we exported the standard framework, re-imported it as "RVSK". Then it was edited and more than 2'600 records were added. Only recently it turned out the new framework "RVSK" was edited far too much, only leaving 17 MARC tags but missing many fields, among them mandatory fields like MARC 003, 005, 040$c or 952. Unfortunately all the missing fields were not just hidden but deleted. It would be a lot of manual work to find out and re-create the missing fields.

Thus we thought it would be easier to again export the standard framework and re-import it under a new name like "ABC". Then move the 2'600 records from framework "RVSK" to "ABC", delete the mutilated framework "RVSK" and carefully edit the new framework "ABC".

I think the following SQL command could do this:

UPDATE biblio
SET frameworkcode="ABC"
WHERE frameworkcode="RVSK"

Has anyone done this before? Will this work or would this cause new problems?

Best wishes: Michael
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