AFP. 30 January 2002. Newspaper editor in Nepal arrested.

KATHMANDU -- The editor of a left wing weekly newspaper in Nepal has
been arrested, his family said Wednesday.

Kishor Shrestha, editor of the communist newspaper, "Jana Astha"
(People's Faith), was arrested by three plain clothes policemen at his
office Kathmandu on Tuesday evening, according to his family.

Police refused to tell his family why he was being arrested.

Since the government declared a state of emergency in November to combat
a Maoist rebellion, several journalists have been arrested.

Under emergency rules, the government has warned the media not to
publish anything that could "encourage" the rebels in their fight for a
communist republic.

The Federation of Nepalese Journalists claimed this month that 40
journalists had been arrested under the emergency, although most have
been released.

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