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Subject: [Peoples War] Latest A_WORLD_TO_WIN_No27 Now available!!

Turkey`s Prisons   Shining Trenches of Combat!!

The latest issue of A World To Win No. 27 is now

Turkey: Shining Trenches Of Combat

Statements : Communist Party Of Turkey ( Marxist - Leninist )

Statements : " You have the support of People from around the world"

A Diary Of Gebze Prison

Peru : The Regime changes - The People`s War Fights on!

The Unstopable People`s War!

The Day Of Heroism, 19th June 1986 "This blood that has been spilt shall
never be forgotten!"

Seventh International Delegation to Peru.

The Emerging New Waves of Revolution!

Statements by the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement:

* Condemn the Israeli Occupiers & Support the just struggle of the
Palestinian People!

* Kabylia Uprising - A Ray of light in Algeria.

* Genoa - Throw Oil on the Fire!

May Day Statement: Dare to Take our Destiny into our own Hands! Plus reports
from around the Globe..

Nepal: Exclusive: A.W.T.W. Interview With Comrade Prachanda of the Communist
Party Of Nepal ( Maoist )

Nepal: The future is Bright, The road is Tortuous

* Engaging the Royal Nepal Army

* The U.S. and India

*Steering Revolution to Victory!

Document of the Nepalese Revolution:

>From "The Great Leap forward: Inevitable Necessity of History"

* International Communist Movement and its Historical Lessons

* Some Fundamental Characteristics of the International Situation

* On the situation in South Asia: Forward to the new Soviet Federation in
South Asia!!

* Prachanda Path: A Great Achievement

* On the Massacre of the Royal Family

Statement: From the CoRIM to the CPN ( M )

Glory and Victory to the foundation of the Communist Party Of Iran ( Marxist
- Leninist - Maoist ) - Announcement by the founding Congress of the CPI (
MLM ) 1st May 2001

* Speech at the CPI ( MLM ) Founding Congress.

* On the present situation in Iran and the Tasks of the Party - CPI ( MLM ),
including preperations to launch People`s War!

* Message to the CPI ( MLM ) from the CoRIM.

* Joint statement of the Maoist Parties & Organisations of South Asia.

Weapon Of Criticism:  The Battlefield Of History... The History Of A
battlefield.. Stalingrad!!

Art and Politics:

* The Inexhaustable Source of Ahmad Shamloo`s Art - The Life & Struggle of
the People.

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