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Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 22:18:51 -0000
Subject: [Peoples War] DHKC response to remarks by Spanish ambassador

(Forwarding: the DHKP-C and the PKK are not banned yet in all EU
countries, a fact which has annoyed the people who run Turkey.)

To the Embassy of Spain

On 27 January, on the CNN-Turk "Kriter" ("Criterion") television
programme, the Spanish ambassador made a speech regarding our
organisation. The ambassador, wanting to gratify the wishes of the
murderous authorities, was merely saying things to please them.
He said in a rather definite manner that he would expend his efforts
to get the DHKP-C placed on the "European Union Terror List".

1- The ambassador says in the same speech that "we cannot under any
circumstances accept those who resort to violence". Taking your words
at their face value, we are sending you, as a supplement to this, a
report prepared by TAYAD, an organisation of friends and families of
prisoners, which wages a struggle for rights and freedoms.
Are you speaking of terror and violence? There in the report is a
tableau of terror and violence. What you will examine in this tableau
could be added to, with hundreds of incidents and thousands of
details added as a separate section.
If you wish, we can send thousands of documents and other information
related to this. 
It is impossible for an ambassador who has followed events in Turkey
to be in ignorance of this tableau.
But even if you are, you are not questioning those who have created
this tableau. You are making no attempt to punish this tyranny. Nor
are you even making the most basic criticism of it.
Why is it that you do not turn to the murderous authorities of Turkey
and say, "if you are practising violence, this violence must also

2- "We cannot accept those who have recourse to violence," you say:
in that case, there you are. Those who resort to violence are the
state forces of the Republic of Turkey.
Moreover, it is the kind of violence that has cost thousands of human
beings their lives. This is the kind of violence in which no
questions are asked about executing people, making them disappear or
killing them in torture centres. This is the kind of violence in
which, without exception, all court proceedings opened against those
who carry out executions or belong to death squads acting "in the
name of the state" end in "acquittal".
As you know, we can send you thousands of pages of information
devoted to this. But you are saying that your policies are not
measured according to democracy, justice or law but are regulated by
the interests of the Spanish monopolies, you are saying that you are
not interested in torture and human rights violations. If you were to
say that you only engage in politics for your own interests, that
would not be different from what you are saying here.
But then be honest and candid and do not mention democracy, human
rights and law. Do not sacrifice these concepts to the interests of
the monopolies. 

3- In Turkey, it is the state that uses violence. In Turkey, the
fascist authorities are the source of violence.
We prefer neither illegality nor violence. There is no other way to
oppose a regime based on repression and violence, to use the right to
resist those who oppress the people, to develop the struggle for
independence, democracy and socialism and to replace the fascist
government with people's power.
We are defending independence as opposed to imperialism, democracy as
opposed to fascism, socialism as opposed to fascism, and people's
power as opposed to the oligarchy's government.
Where is the crime in this? Where is the illegality? Where is the

4- What will you gain if you put the DHKP-C and the PKK on the "list
of terrorist organisations"?
Who will profit, other than the fascist authorities of our country?
In our country, there is a FASCIST government. The fascist FRANCO
government ruled Spain for years and it is the same kind of people in
our country today. 
Look, you will see this in the supplement. At least look at the
prisons in our country. In the past few years dozens of prisoners
have been killed and hundreds left handicapped; look at the prisons
they call F-Type, where torture and isolation go on without a break;
there you will see the true face of our government.
Your country has experienced Franco fascism. You will be able to give
testimony on how murderous and torturing a state can be.
Be a little more prudent; do not be so eager to gratify the fascist
wishes of the fascist authorities with regard to this subject.
In this framework, here is our appeal to your embassy and your
country: you must examine the beliefs and policies of those whom you
are trying to place on a "list of terrorist organisations" for
struggling against fascism.
Yes, when the ambassador of a country claiming to defend law and
human rights and be guided by democracy goes on TV, why does he not
talk about the thousands of concrete examples of torture, executions
and prison massacres of which some examples are given in the
supplement to the report?
An ambassador who see it as a duty to gratify the wishes of murderous
authorities and please them is in our view not the representative of
Spain, but is close to representing the Spain of Franco.
Which Spain do you represent?

Supplement: 1980-2000 Terror Report On Turkey
To be sent to: the Spanish Embassy in Turkey
The Spanish Prime Minister's Office

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