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Subject: CP of India, On Bush speech

                      CP of India, On Bush speech
            From: Communist Party of India, Thu, 31 Jan 2002
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             Press Release - New Delhi, 31st January  2002.

 The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued the
following statement:-

US President George Bush in his 'State of Union Address' has outlined
the American strategy to fight terrorism and the future course to be
pursued. It is one of belligerence  and desperate course to establish
American hegemony in the world. For US imperialism, the war against
Afghanistan is just a beginning. It has a list of over 12 countries to
strike using the plea of fighting terrorism. It is the extension of US
policy of war against sovereign nations in the world. It has indicated
that DPRK (North Korea), Iran and Iraq would be its next targets.

Bush has assumed the prerogative on his own to define the "axis of evil"
and become the spokesman for the so-called 'civilised world'. Yet he
could not conceal the real intent. He has admitted that American economy
is in recession and it should be overcome. To achieve this objective US
needs more wars and aggressions against the developing nations. The
American claim of fighting terrorism stands thoroughly exposed.

The Communist Party of India warns against US threat of war against
other countries.  It calls upon the United Nations and all sovereign
nations to protest against this war-mongering of US administration.

The Party urges upon the Vajpayee government not to be carried away by
the American machinations. It calls upon our people to protest against
US war mongering and uphold India's policy of non-alignment as one of
anti-imperialism and of peace and development.

(S.S. Bhusari)
Office Secretary.


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